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The eisc with headquarters in Germany is the author, unique worldwide implementor and controller of the ”Work & Life Balance”®  Certification Program.


In order to get the certification, the organizations must implement benefits or initiatives oriented to reach a better work-life balance. The initiatives or benefits will be distributed in the seven categories of the “eisc Certification-Checklist" and they must be implemented in a time period of three years.

Each of them must be also measured and controlled in their implementation and scope through the “eisc-Dashboard” or eisc-Control Panel. It is a fundamental requirement for the certification.

The Certification Program helps through the implementation to get a good structure and system with the benefits that already exist inside the organization more the initiatives that will be implemented in order to meet the requirements of the Certification in "Work & Life Balance"® .

Categories of “eisc Catalogue for Certification” and
examples of possible initiatives or benefits:

Achievable in multinational companies, SMEs, manufacturers, service companies, universities, government agencies, NGOs.

Benefits for your organization:

  • High motivation in the company staff

  • Identification and high commitment to productivity and company performance

  • Reducing personal stress

  • Reduction of costs caused by the fluctuation of personnel

  • Low absenteeism

  • Transparent corporate image vis-à-vis customers

  • Increased competitive strength